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American degrees are the best recognized and most widely accepted degrees in world-wide comparison. External evaluations placed us among the Top 5% of nearly 800 different programs in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, regarding our unique value to employers and other universities.

This is our mission: For international students, we want to be the ideal gateway to the German academic and business environment. To German students, we want to offer the most effective preparation for an international work life, be it at home or abroad. The promise seems to work: For example, scores in the independent FIBAA accreditation of the bachelor program in management concerning the positioning (How clear is the unique value of the program to employers and to other universities) positioned us among the Top 5% of nearly 800 different programs in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. (Link Text 1). The Wissenschaftsrat evaluation of 2012 commented on Touro Berlin: “Their concept deserves even stronger support from the Berlin Senate”. (Link Website Wissenschaftsrat)

We try everything to adjust to your living circumstances, from voluntary summer schools to evening classes. We support all initiatives to improve international mobility of our students.

The broad horizon of American Bachelor studies makes it possible to switch from one field (e.g. business) to another (e.g. psychology), without losing any earned credits. Also, some semesters in universities abroad are uncomplicated, as we have the prestigious American accreditation of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education. And if you want to catch up and study faster than usual, we offer additional summer school classes, as a voluntary “third semester”. We support all initiatives to improve international mobility of our students. We will do our best to help students to adapt to different semester times, different study content and different regulations all over the world.

One of the biggest advantages gained from Touro Berlin is the capability to effortless switch from mother tongue to fluent English at work. English is not only the language of instruction, but also of all activities on campus. We have been ranked #1 in international experience of faculty and students. And it does not stop there – all administrative staff come from around the world, too.

This is a side effect of international studies which do not just mean lectures in English, but real internationality. This works best if not only professors, but also administrative staff and some of the students have significant international life and work experience. Results of the business program evaluation of the independent FIBAA commission in 2012 showed that Touro Berlin professors and students represent more international experience than any other of hundreds of accredited programs. (Link Text 1). English is not only the language of instruction, but also of all activities on campus. For non-native English speakers this means a perfect opportunity to develop authentic English skills parallel to their studies. During their exchange semesters, some Berlin students with initial moderate entry-test language skills even managed to win public speaking contests in New York.

At Touro Berlin we offer the only undergraduate business and psychology programs in Berlin and Brandenburg with noticeable shares of the lecturers and students from the United States and Israel, two key countries in innovation regarding business, medicine, and psychological treatments.

Our psychology program has the highest share of international students in Berlin and Brandenburg (Link to Text 4). Even students without former international experience can profit immensely from vibrant multi-cultural environments: Real-life application beats language classes, and casual and spontaneous conversations in a culturally diverse environment support your in-depth conversational skills AND your cultural learning. Experiencing different cultures, attitudes and ideas in the world can be even more helpful than learning different languages.

It always mattered to us to be fully immersed in the German academic ecosystem. We are the only private university in Berlin to share a program with a public university from the Berlin excellence cluster.

Our graduates have frictionless switched to advanced studies at public and private universities and Fachhochschulen. Within a few years, two of the graduates of our first generation of bachelor students had acquired doctoral degrees. We are the only private university in Berlin to share a program with a public university from the excellence cluster Berlin (our MA program is a joint degree with the Free University, and our MA alumni have repeatedly added a doctoral degree from the FU to their master’s degrees earned at Touro).

Above average student satisfaction with teaching and one of the best professor-student-ratios in Germany. Profit from the benchmark of international higher education – American textbooks and teaching methods.

We regularly achieve highest scores in current online feedback surveys on quality of the lectures. In research to compare students’ satisfaction at Touro Berlin in 2010, we had higher student satisfaction levels in the teaching evaluations than is usual in German public and private universities. (At Touro Berlin: 4,4 on a scale from 1 to 5, compared to an average of 3,8 in public and 4,2 in private universities, according to “Deutscher Stifterverband”).

Touro Berlin graduates are highly sought-after. They are hired particularly by international and multinational organizations with branches in Germany. Middle and upper management of larger firms appreciate and understand the value of American degrees, due to their own academic experiences.

Many multinationals have employed Touro College students (Please follow the alumni sections of our New York website!). Touro Berlin students continuing in the United States are appreciated for their international experience, and exposure to the German and European culture. At German private universities, Touro degrees have qualified students for admission with full scholarships. The most prestigious European and American universities have accepted Touro graduates.

Please ask our marketers for the impressive alumni list to see which career paths former students at Touro Berlin took. In a survey in 2015 done for the Wissenschaftsrat accreditation, we learned that 100 %(!!!) of our MA graduates succeeded in working in their field of studies.

Enjoy Berlin and study at least one semester abroad in New York.

An exciting academic environment, in one of the best cities in the world for students. Possibilities to work in a high-wage environment and enjoy highest living standards with comparatively low costs of living.

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