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American University globally recognized and fully accredited in an exciting academic environment, in one of the best cities in the world for students.


An American University in Berlin 

Founded in 1970 in New York City by Dr. Bernard Lander as a Liberal Arts college, Touro  College has since expanded its reach to California, Nevada, Montana, Illinois, New Mexico, Israel, Russia, and Germany.


In 2001, Dr. Lander, in collaboration with Sara Nachama, established Touro College in Berlin, drawn to the city by its profound Jewish history and community unity.


Touro Berlin began in 2003 with the International Business program, which later evolved into the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Management. In 2005, inspired by a visit to the Holocaust Memorial, Dr. Lander initiated the Lander Institute for Communication and Tolerance, introducing the Master of Arts (MA) in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance in 2007, along with the MBA program in 2010 and the B.A. in Psychology in 2013.


In the fall semester of 2023, a new major, BSc Cybersecurity, will be offered. Under the leadership of Dr. Alan Kadish, CEO of Touro University System, Touro College transitioned to Touro University. Our campus, located in Charlottenburg, occupies a historic Bauhaus villa with a rich history, having served various purposes over the years before becoming part of Touro in 2003.

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Rooted in
Jewish  tradition,
built on Jewish values.

Dr. Bernard Lander envisioned and established Touro College to cater to a community of students who were often overlooked. In so doing, he created an environment in which Jewish students’ cultural and spiritual needs could go hand in hand with their educational pursuits.

Touro does not simply accommodate Jewish traditions, it supports and sustains them. The College is one of few in this country that builds in time for students to worship and to study, to celebrate and to honor their cultures and beliefs.

Since 1970, the school has grown exponentially but our values remain. As we’ve expanded, our focus has been on serving diverse communities, as well as Orthodox populations, and catering to students who simply want an exceptional education in a warm, tolerant, and intellectually rigorous environment.

Across all of our schools and programs, we advocate for and expect all students to live with integrity and respect. We believe in the dignity of all and strive to contribute toward a society that does as well.

Our Jewish values are universal values.



In 2001, Dr. Lander collaborated with Sara Nachama to establish Touro College in Berlin. The decision to choose Germany’s capital as the new campus for Touro College was based on the college’s profound Jewish history and the unification of communities in Berlin.


In 2005, Dr. Lander was inspired by a visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and wanted to set up a Holocaust Institute at Touro. The Lander Institute for Communication and Tolerance was founded in 2006.

MBA program

The MBA program was introduced in 2010.

University now

Under CEO Touro University System, Dr. Alan Kadish´s tenure Touro College finalized its major change in status, becoming Touro University.



Touro College was founded in New York City in 1970 by Dr. Bernard Lander as a Liberal Arts college. Since the 1970’s, the expansion of the college has reached California, Nevada, Israel, Russia, and Germany.

Business Program

In the Fall Semester 2003, Touro Berlin opened, with a class of 18 students studying Bachelor’s in International Business program, which eventually became BSc Business Management degree.

M.A. Program

In Fall semester 2007, the department welcomed its teaching staff for the M.A. program in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance.

Cybersecurity Program

The BSc program in Cybersecurity starts in fall 2023.

Our campus is located in the beautiful Charlottenburg district of Berlin, in a historic Bauhaus villa with a profound history. Our campus was originally the home of the Lindemann family and was designed by the German architect Bruno Paul. When the Nazis seized power in the 1930’s, the Lindemann home at Am Rupenhorn became the official residence of Hanns Kerrl, the Reichskirchsminister (The Reich’s Church Minister). When the war ended in 1945, the house was handed over to the Allied Forces and was used as a learning center for the British Military in the years following the war. Eventually, it was handed back to the Berlin government and was used as a pedagogical and educational center in the 1950’s until it was acquired by Touro College in 2003.



Touro University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), an agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. 

This accreditation status covers Touro University and its branch campuses, locations, and instructional sites in the New York Area, as well as branch campuses in Berlin, Illinois, Jerusalem, and Moscow.

Institutions are reaccredited every eight years. Reaccreditation requires preparation and submission of a self-study, followed by a site visit consisting of a team of MSCHE peer evaluators. Touro University’s accreditation was previously reaffirmed on November 19, 2015. On March 4, 2021, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education notified Touro University that the Mid-Point Peer Review was conducted successfully and no further evidence was required. The next evaluation visit is scheduled for spring 2024.

Welcome to Touro University Berlin

Founded in 2003 we take great pride in being the Berlin campus of Touro University New York. Our institution of higher education has a special meaning within the framework of the history of Berlin; we especially honor this within our academic mission to maintain the highest standards in research and teaching following an interdisciplinary concept.

As the American academic Institution in Berlin based on   jewish values and academic competency we provide a uniquely successful, future oriented education for our students.

Our excellent faculty and our dedicated admin team continuously strive to promote and apply our ethical and intellectual heritage and values to build bridges between cultures and work for the good of society as a whole. 

Thanks to being a non-profit organization we wisely allocate our resources to maintain a high degree of academic efficiency and effectiveness. 

We are strongly dedicated to preserving our history as a Jewish American University, while embracing, welcoming and honoring students from all backgrounds. Fulfilling our mission to provide excellent academic and personal growth within our Undergraduate Programs of Business, Psychology and upcoming Cyber Security; MBA program, upcoming MA in Psychology and our unique MA in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance; we offer our students an exceptional international network of educational, entrepreneurial, business, and governmental leaders. 

Our successful graduates prove that our students acquire more than academic and personal skills to succeed in their professional life within our globally challenging world. Touro University System provides a lifelong constantly growing community. Expertise in all facets ensures conveyance of values and all necessary skills inside and outside of the classroom for professional careers that embrace a unique future.

Jane Williams-Boock

More than two decades ago, when Dr. Bernard Lander first envisioned opening the Berlin campus of Touro University, he recognized the need to perpetuate an awareness of the tragic Holocaust to both the Jewish community and the society at large. Today, as part of a continually expanding Touro University, our Berlin campus looks back on more than 20 years of success while we look forward to continued academic achievement. 

Touro University Berlin – A Campus of Touro University NY, USA is an integral part of the Touro family, sharing in Touro’s mission and goals, including an unwavering commitment to the Jewish heritage, the Jewish intellectual tradition, and academic excellence. We offer students excellent opportunities for intellectual growth and career advancement. Our offerings are always expanding with additional majors and minors, as well as certificate programs.  

The leadership, administration and faculty of Touro University Berlin – A Campus of Touro University NY, USA are committed to making your educational experience rewarding. I wish you all great success in your educational goals and experiences with us at Touro University Berlin – A Campus of Touro University NY, USA.  

Simcha Fishbane, Ph.D.



Prof. Simcha Fishbane


Vice President, CEO


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Jane Williams-Boock

Rector, CEO, Provost


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Prof. Dr. Holger Lüdeke

Dean of Undergraduate



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Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein

Dean of MBA



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Prof. Dr. Peter Klein

Dean of the M.A. in Holocaust Studies Tolerance Studies


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Permanent Faculty


Prof. Dr. Holger Lüdeke

Dean of Undergraduate




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Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein

Dean of the MBA



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Prof. Dr. Peter Klein

Dean of the M.A. in Holocaust Studies Tolerance Studies


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Prof. Dr. Stephan Lehnstaedt

Professor for Holocaust Studies / Tolerance Studies


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Prof. Dr. Özen Odağ

Professor of Psychology


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Prof. Dr. Birgit Wolf

Professor of Management



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Dr. Marius Fahrner

Postdoc in Mathematics



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Prof. Larisa Buhin-Krenek

Ph.D. Professor of Psychology


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Adjunct Faculty


Agata Maria Kraj

RESPOND! Project Coordinator



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Esteban Castro Ramos

College Math, Developmental Math



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Cristina Greculescu

Adjunct lecturer



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Achobe N. Fuchs III

Adjunct lecturer



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João Fidalgo

Adjunct lecturer



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Bradley J. Huestis

Adjunct lecturer



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Audris Umel

Adjunct lecturer


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Thomas Walsh

Adjunct lecturer


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Tim J. Möller
Adjunct lecturer


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Vladimir Ivanovic
Adjunct lecturer


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Ian Martínez Giorgino

Office Manager

+49 30 300 686 25


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Zsofia Barna

Admissions Officer &

Academic Advisor

+49 30 300 686 14


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Daphna Ivry

Admission Officer

+49 30 300 686 15



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David Richter.jpg

David Richter

Head of Human Resources, Organization and Digitalization

+49 30 300 686 18


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Touro Logo Small.png

Nitzan Paz

Registrar &

Student Advisor


+49 30 300 686 15



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Touro Logo Small.png

Ina Stahl


+49 30 300 686 45



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Georgi Fogel

Head of IT Department

+49 30 300 686 58


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Lijun Clarke

Referent to Rector

+49 30 300 686 22


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Christiane Hergert


+49 30 300 686 20



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Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 01.20.54.png

Natalja Huneke

Social Media & PR

+49 30 300 686 13



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