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MBA Program in Berlin

Unlock a path to management success with Touro's MBA Program, offering you the essential tools for launching your own business.

What is a MBA Program

At Touro University Berlin, the MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a graduate-level degree focused on business management. It covers core business areas like finance, marketing, and operations, and includes electives for specialization. Our program develops skills in strategic thinking, decision-making, and communication, through practical projects and case studies. The Touro University MBA program  includes a full-time, part-time, executive, and online options, catering to different needs. Our program is designed for those aiming for high-level managerial roles or entrepreneurial ventures, enhancing career prospects and earning potential.



“In 2022, Paolo successfully earned his MBA from Touro Berlin. Currently, he thrives as a proficient business consultant, specializing in sales, marketing, and business development. Furthermore, Paolo actively engages in healthcare company management. Listen to his insights on the MBA experience at Touro."

Paolo Nuti


"She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Administration from Touro Berlin in 2021, and then, in the fall of 2022, she successfully finished the MBA program."

Shyanne Peterson

Why study for an MBA

  • No Work Experience Needed: No prior work experience required.

  • Open to All Backgrounds: No business degree needed; we offer preparatory courses for non-business graduates.

  • Affordable: Reasonable pricing with a 10% discount in 2024.

  • Flexible Learning

  • Global Opportunities: Study a semester abroad in our New York City campus in Times Square.

  • Seamless Progression: Direct pathway to our Doctorate Program DBA, saving you 4 courses upon MBA graduation

  • Summer Intakes: Choose from multiple entry points.

  • Personalized Learning: Small classes with a 9:1 student-professor ratio.

  • Industry Connections: Gain access to unique internship opportunities and future career prospects.

  • Case Study Focus: Tailored teaching methods for practical skills..

  • Preparatory Perk: Graduates of Touro's psychology program receive a free preparatory course.

Career opportunities with an MBA

Touro University boasts robust connections and resources, ensuring that MBA graduates not only excel in Berlin but also have the opportunities and support to secure high-paying positions both locally and on the global stage. Some jobs includes:


  • Investment Banker

  • Project Manager

  • Consulting

  • Business Development Manager

  • Marketing Manager

Program Structure

Entry Requirements

Meet Your Lecturers

Tuition Fee


Application Deadline



Alumni global network

9 : 1


Student-teacher ratio




Embark on careers aligned

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