In 2021, it is still not common to see many women in senior positions in the business/corporate world. Unfortunately, people seemingly still wonder whether women in high positions have rightfully achieved these positions, regardless of their talent and aptitude.

For International Women’s Day, Touro College Berlin is delighted to invite you to an event that is all about successful women and the path they chose for themselves.

We will discuss the roots of their success, female leadership and diversity. We will also dedicate time to the importance of gender in the business world, and the future of businesswomen.

There will be a Q&A during the event.



Sara Nachama – Rector of Touro College Berlin (Opening Speech)

Prof. Dr. Anna Klippstein – Professor of Business at Touro College Berlin (Moderator)

Nicole Srock.Stanley – Co-founder of the dan pearlman group and CEO of the dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH

Prof. Dr. Christine Eichel – Author, who published, among others, a book about Beethoven channeling his outstanding creativity

Viola Klein – Shareholder & Managing Director, Saxonia Systems Holding GmbH, and honorary consul of Finland

Lana Mueller – Founder and fashion designer, Lana Mueller Label

This is a free online event, which will be held in English.