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Perfect for Veterans

Fully US Accredited

WEAMS approved

New York Degrees

VA approved school in Berlin - Germany 

Touro University Berlin: A Safe Space to expand your mind · Feel Safe in our Veteran Community 

We are grateful to you and your family for your military service. Our commitment is to provide the support you need to excel and earn a New York degree while staying in Europe. With us you can study a BSc in Business Management, BA in Psychology and a Bsc in Cybersecurity.



"After leaving the army I wanted to continue my travel and using my gi bill at Touro University Berlin allowed me to do so. I appreciate Touro's small class sizes and the fact that u continue my travel in Europe, while also studying in English and earning an American degree."

Paul Weller

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Your GI Bill® benefits are good for you as US Veteran and for your dependents

Join the Touro Berlin Family

Safe, Diverse, Inclusive, Open, having a strong Ethical Basis and Lots of Fun; embrace the power.

A cool surrounding to level-up and develop your future. Enjoy the rich, dynamic and supportive student life.

How do you get a New York Degree in Europe?

Study at Touro in vibrant Berlin


Go for it, exactly what vets need. Touro Berlin has an active veteran success team to deal with any problems vet students might have. The Veteran Student Association will support you in your transit with mindfulness, respect and offers authentic and recent real-life experience. Touro Berlin degrees prepare you for advanced academic pursuits and rewarding careers. Grow your resilience, take the leap and shape your future.


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No German language knowledge or test required. Touro University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Being a campus of Touro University New York, you may study one Semester at Time Square right in the heart of NYC, at German tuition cost. WEAMS goes along. That is optimal for your budget.


Step up - Multifaceted Study

You or your family members are striving for a unique experience while being stationed in Europe – the solution is: Join us. Or Stay in Europe and acquire an U.S. education.

The Office of Financial Aid is proud to promptly certify enrollment for degree-seeking and study abroad students who are eligible to receive VA benefits. Veteran education benefit programs may grant students tuition and fee payments as well as a monthly housing allowance, and a book/supplies stipend.


Your Campus at Touro Berlin

A safe space where you can develop and grow, whatever your background is. It offers security and comfort and promotes, like an incubator, your quest for inner truth. Feel the vibes in Class.

Due to the optimal student/professor ratio (Avg. 9:1) you will have the chance to work on an eye-to-eye level with your professors fostering you to grow through mirroring and reflective self-awareness.  All is set up to guide you to flourish. Go for it and be successful.

Why study at Touro Berlin

Touro University accepts the below VA educational and training benefit programs:

·       Post-9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33)

·       Montgomery GI Bill® – Active Duty (Chapter 30)

·       Montgomery GI Bill® – Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606)

·       Post-Vietnam Veterans’ Educational Assistance Program – VEAP (Chapter 32)

·       Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 35) 

·       Educational Assistance Pilot Program (Section 901)

·       Omnibus Diplomatic Security & Antiterrorism Act

Touro University Berlin provides for

  • Early Admission - two times intake per year

  • Full German Student Visa opportunities for you and your family

  • Major in Psychology, Minor in Business and vice-versa

  • Concentrations possible

  • All classes in English

  • No German language skills required

  • No German or European Abitur required

  • Fast-Track and Part-Time Study Options

  • Enjoy the rich and dynamic student life

  • Small Class Sizes with Personalized Professor Interaction (Avg. 9:1 student/professor ratio)

  • Seamless Progression to MA or MBA (Double Dip anticipated)

  • Receive New York Degrees

  • Safe and Beautiful campus - Embrace the Energy

  • Feel the vibes in class

  • Academic and Career Foundation

  • Research based learning possible

  • Enhance your self-awareness and recognition

  • Project Involvement possible

Secure your future and career, study at Touro Berlin in presence or hybrid; check the online options. We want and are committed to providing the support you need to study in Germany and earn a degree from a fully U.S.-accredited university in Berlin. Remember 5 % of our faculty team have a military background; we talk business. Contact our admissions team they will connect you to your veteran advisor; take the first step to a bright future.


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