1. MBA Capstone Class (30 minutes)

“Keys of entrepreneurial success:

Corporate Analyses of Alphabet, Meta Platforms and Amazon”

  1. MBA Management in New Millennium (25 minutes)

        “METAVERSE and sustainability. Impact of NFTs” 

  1. Corporate Finance Class (30-35  minutes)

        “The process of digitalization”

1)  History of industrial revolutions
2)  Areas of innovations and disruption
3) innovations’ adaption curve
4) Theory of Clayton Christensen and Moore’s law

      4.  Money and Banking Class (25-30 minutes)


1) Definition
2) History
3) Areas of disruption
4) Unicorns
5) Comparative analyses with traditional banking

  5. Portfolio Analyses Class (  30 minutes)

„Crypto currencies as a tool of portfolio diversification“

1) Definition of Crypto. What is blockchain? Hystory of crypto-market
2) Overview of the crypto market ( size, main currencies and its characteristics, newcomers)
3) Is crypto a new money or it is a new asset? Is crypto is “new gold”
4) What crypto currencies mean for the portfolio diversification? How do they correlate with the other assets within the portfolio?


  1. Discussion

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