Date: April 7th, 2021, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (CET)

TCB-Talks 2021 event is organized by the Student Government.

The event is open to all students of Touro College Berlin, their friends and families.

This is a great opportunity to meet and greet fellow classmates and friends from school, and to show your family and friends how student events at TCB look like.


Ms. Shyanne Peterson – Opening

Ms. Marina Ogalla-Lopez – Marina is an enthusiastic Psychology student at Touro College Berlin. Originally from Barcelona, she is bound to up-bring a renewed perspective of the world through the eyes of psychology. Her interests range from multicultural empowerment to educational reform, in combination with a passion for public speaking.

“Why I love losing?”

Why, why, why our society raises us afraid of losing? Failing in life is portrayed to be a big downfall, but what happens we overcome our fear of losing? We become invincible.

Inviting to a change of perspective, Marina brings a new approach towards losing in life. Transforming our outdated mentality from a negative standpoint to a positive mindset through an eye-opening speech about why losing can be the best that ever happened in your life. Losing can be a source of motivation or a source of insecurity. What is your side?

Ms. Denisse Urdaneta – Denisse is a Venezuelan 3rd year psychology student at TCB and UX designer who has 21 years of experience with her ego.

“Surrender the Ego“

Have you ever kept on arguing on a pointless matter just to have the last word? Have you ever been offended by someone else’s criticism? In this talk, Denisse will suggest how to surrender the ego and her own experience on doing so.

Mr. Christopher Devon – Chris comes from California to Berlin in large part to raise his little 5 year old daughter, Ava. His family means the world to him.

“Pandemic Persistence”

Is it possible to keep a level head during the pandemic, when one day rolls into the next? Much of our battle boils down to mental strength and persistence during these tough times.

 Ms. Luisa Manrique Núñez – Luisa is a dedicated student who dreams of conducting scientific research in the future. With ties to Mexico, Spain, and Germany, her multicultural experiences have made her curious and thirsty for new adventures. Those around Luisa know that she takes pride in shocking people with random facts.

“Time to grow up”

They say we are supposed to learn from our mistakes. But what about we learn from someone else’s for a change? Join Luisa in this talk if you sometimes struggle to feel like an adult.

This is an online FREE event, which will be held in English.