Green finance is currently among the most popular trends and a part of impact investing.  It means that even with a small amount of your personal investment you can change the world to the best!

Typical projects that fall under the green finance include:


– Renewable energy

– Pollution prevention and control

– Biodiversity conservation

– Circular economy

– Sustainable use of natural resources and land


Our guest speaker, Mr. Jochen Wermuth, the Head of Wermuth Asset Management, is not only the one of the leading investors, managing 24 Bln Euro in sustainable investments, but also the Germany’s top expert in the field of climate change and alternative sources of energy.

Previously he was a Director at Deutsche Bank, EU & World Bank-financed economic advisor Mr. Wermuth holds a Master’s degree in Economics and BA in Mathematics from Brown University with honors and magna cum laude. He passed D.Phil. qualifying exams at Oxford University.

The talk with Mr. Wermuth is a wonderful opportunity not only for the business students, but also for psychologists and the guest of Touro to learn more about climate change and our impact on it.



This is a FREE online event, which will be held in English.




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