Explore Jewish history with Touro College in Prague, Czech Republic and Nuremberg & Munich, Germany.



The program runs from August 13 to August 22.

The program is open to all – students, faculty, administration and and non-students.

Earn 3 college credits (History of the Jews in Eastern Europe – HISN 354)

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Introductory classroom lectures followed by touring in and around the cities, including visits to museums, concentration camps and Jewish historical sites.

Prague: Altenu Synagogue, the old Jewish cemetery (Maharal and Klei Yakar), Tomb of the Noda BiYehuda, the Castle, John Lennon wall, Charles Bridge, Terezin.
Nuremberg: Nuremberg Castle, Court room of Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg documentation center.
Munich: Jewish Museum, Munich Documentation Center, Dachau concentration camp.

And more.


Meals and Lodging

All meals are kosher mehadrin under strict supervision. Accommodation will be in 4 star and up hotels. Full Shabbos program includes all meals and lectures.



Registration fee: $300 (non-refundable)
Program cost (after registration): $1,350 when registered before May 1. $1,450 when registered after May 1.

All travel expenses to Prague and from Munich are the responsibility of the participant and not included in the cost listed. Participants need to arrange arrival in Prague and departure from Munich including airport transfer.

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Step 1. Complete the application
Step 2. Pay the non-refundable $300 registration fee
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About the Faculty

  • Peter Klein, Ph.D. is a professor for Holocaust Studies and dean of the master’s program Holocaust Communication and Tolerance at Touro College Berlin.
  • Israel Singer, Ph.D. is vice president of international affairs at Touro College and a professor of contemporary Jewry.
  • Dean Stanley Boylan, Ph.D. is a vice president of undergraduate education and Dean of Faculties at Touro College

Please be advised that details of the program may be subject to change.


Contact Info

For further information and to apply, please contact Rabbi Menachem Lazar at +1 (347) 708-0267 or menachem.lazar@touro.edu.