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Touro University Berlin, a campus of Touro University New York · USA, warmly welcomes students from all cultural backgrounds and denominations. Being deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and guided by Jewish values, it has a rich legacy of serving students often overlooked elsewhere, despite their believes.
Dr. Bernard Lander's visionary approach created a harmonious environment where cultural and spiritual needs seamlessly complemented educational pursuits.
Since our establishment in 1973, our institution has witnessed remarkable growth while steadfastly preserving our core values. As we expanded, our focus extended to serving diverse communities, all within a warm, tolerant, and intellectually future mined setting.
In our institution and programs, we uphold the principles of integrity and respect, advocating for the dignity of all individuals.
Respecting Jewish holidays, celebration, and cultural observance, Touro Berlin stands as a rare institution fostering a deep connection to Jewish beliefs and heritage.
We envision a society that shares these values, recognizing that our Jewish ethics, at their core, are universal values that inspire the best in all of us.

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