5 June 2019

At the invitation of Rector of Touro College Berlin Sara Nachama, the wife of the German Federal President visited the Jewish-American College on Campus Am Rupenhorn – close to Heerstraße. Mrs.

Büdenbender was very particularly interested in the Master’s program Holocaust Communication and Tolerance, which is unique in Germany, and its students.

Being warmly welcomed by the the Rector and the Dean of the program, Prof.Dr. Peter Klein, she took part in a seminar session on the topic “Holocaust in Culture of Remembrance, History and historical Research“.

After a short introduction to the program structure by the dean, Mrs. Büdenbender discussed research topics with the students, for example on the various motivations of perpetrators. She showed a sincere interest in finding out about the individual student‘s decision to enroll in such a Master’s program.

As a young girl, her grandmother gave her „ The Diary of Anne Frank” which established Mrs. Büdenbender‘s interest in the fate of the Jews, which continues to this day.

The students and Mrs. Büdenbender reflected on the question of what causes a person to become a perpetrator.

In an informative meeting with the Rector and the Provost more projects from the other college departments were presented.

Sara Nachama talked about the current Anti-Semitic mood in society and pondered on its effects on the security on campus.

This caught special attention by the wife of the Federal President.

Overall Mrs. Büdenbender valued her visit to the campus as a huge gain.

The focus areas in the Master’s program, the professor-student ratio as well as the campus in its original Bauhaus style impressed her strongly.