Friends and Donors

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With a little help from our friends: Friends and Donors of Touro College Berlin

Since the early days of Touro College Berlin the Association of Friends and Donors have been a trusted partner and companion of the university. Its members, comprised of business leaders, entrepreneurs and academics and parents, are dedicated to support, promote and encourage the well-being, educational development, and spirit of Touro College Berlin students.

It is the purpose of the association to financially support and reward outstanding academic achievements as well as valid extracurricular activities of the student community befitting the objectives of an institution of higher learning.  More generally Friends & Donors aim to boost the universities relationship with the interested public and individuals invested in academic advancement.

Interaction with students and faculty is as much part of the Friends and Donor’s work as contributing to Touro College Berlin’s practiced values of tolerance, diversity and equality.

The association of Friends and Donors welcomes new members wishing to champion and encourage Touro College Berlin’s amelioration and continued success.

Memberships offer attractive benefits such as invitations to exclusive university events and activities, newsletters, and networking opportunities with the international community of Touro College & University System‘s Friends and Donor clubs.

Stakeholders sympathetic to the objectives and mission of the Touro College Berlin Friends and Donors association desiring involvement through donations are equally gladly received.

There are many ways to become a part of the Touro College Berlin community and secure its prosperity.

Visit our website or call 030 300 686 0 to find out more about how you can join the Friends and Donors Asscociation and/or support Touro College Berlin with the gift of your donation.

Download a flyer here.