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Article on racism as a global issue

German, female, Person Of Color (POC) Politician, Aminata Touré, speaks on the cross-national connection of racism and Black lives.

 German Resources:  Instagram

  • @dussman.official : Read their Story Highlight entitled ‘BlackOutTuesday’. There is a wonderful list of books on race, discrimination, and books by Black authors that may provide a different perspective than what you might be used to reading.
  • @aminajmina :  As a German politician and activist, Aminata speaks on and advocates for Anti-Racism, Women, and the Queer & Youth communities. Her posts are extremely informative, full of interviews, live streams on cross-cultural political conflicts, and infused with Story Highlights –also mentioning German Black literature and resources for non-POCs
  • @bpb_de : The Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung is a governmental organization that focuses on education and democracy. Their account has more general information on political education and less so on racism, but it’s a decent adjacent account to follow.
  • @isdbund : der Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland – This is an account specifically aiming to discuss the nationwide, German initiative for people of color. They post quite informative resources and dedicate posts on their feed to educating all on what we can do to rid of racism. Demonstrations for various movements and international commemorative days for people of color are mentioned and advertised. Make sure to check it out.
  • @tupoka.o : This German author, Tupoka Ogette, of Exit Racism and activist for the Black community in Germany is wonderful to follow. Her account is much more of a personal depiction of race, racism and issues surrounding the like. She throws in nuggets of wisdom on how to combat racism.
  • @tesfu_tarik : Tarik Tesfu is a moderator, comedian, and human rights activist. His instagram is also quite a personal account on how he is dealing with race, gender, sexual orientation
  • @ffabae : Fabienne Sand, a German writer and editor who posts mostly about racial injustice. She explains what non-POCs can do and learn about such issues – see story highlights.

English Resources:  Instagram

  • @chimamanda_adichie : : Nigerian American author, writer, activist and all around eloquent and elegant storyteller. Though this is her personal account, activism and sharing black love is what she does for a living. Follow this iconic, award-winning progressive, diverse feminist of our time to learn how to just embrace diversity.
  • @zero.waste.collective :  Tara McKenna normally posts about eco-friendly, eco-zero waste initiatives and ideas, however her last few posts have been dedicated as a white woman of color to informing other non-POCs how to be an ally. She marries the two worlds of race and eco-friendliness is a respectful way.
  • @itsnata : Nata’s account is dedicated mostly to feminist work, though she has recently posted ways to help and things to remember when talking with a POC about what has gone on.
  • @theblackcurriculum : This account focuses on teaching Black British history with lots of simple ways to learn about inequalities and ways to push for justice using animations, videos, and Zoom sessions with activists.
  • @iamthabithabrown : Not only is she funny, but she has been coined “The Mom of America” due to her innate ability to soothingly and lovingly talk to the public about sensitive topics. As a Black American woman from the south, her perspective especially at this time is integral and informative. Take a look at her posts directed at the white community and also the POC community.
  • @hellogiggles : Usually this account is seen as one that is uplifting regarding general topics; however, due to the extreme racial injustices we have seen, they have shifted gears to add posts about how to deal with and tackle this issue.
  • @blavity : This outlet is a main source for Black news and media. From IGTV and clips from documentaries to reiterated news clips and articles, this account is brings the truth with a bit of a casual spin.


Take a look at Black and Brown Organizations in Berlin. See what they do and learn more about how you can get involved.