Touro College Berlin is hosting the YOUNG SCHOLARS NETWORK on Culture, media uses, and media effects. The network comprises 16 international scholars that have a special interest in research at the interstices of culture and the media.

The network will be directed by Professor of Psychology Özen Odag who is the main initiator of the project and received a grant for it by the German Research Foundation.

The network will examine the interrelationship between culture, cultural belonging, cultural identities on the one hand, and media uses and effects on the other. Network members will think about how individuals from different cultural backgrounds, world-views, and values use the media, what type of (cultural) gratifications they obtain from doing this, and in what ways these outcomes affect their cultural identities. We are particularly interested in understanding the importance of media, such as the TV or social media, for migrant and refugee populations: how does their media use affect how they see themselves as part of ethnic collectives; how do the media contribute to their cultural identities; how do the media affect their belonging to social groups?

The DFG-grant will enable the researchers to get together at 4 consecutive workshops over the period of three years and discuss and produce research that deals with the said topic.


For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Özen Odag

In the chart below you can find the network members and their affiliations as well as their research interests:
Name Affiliation Research interesets
Regina Arant Jacobs University, Germany Acculturation psychology; cultural identity
Diana Boer University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany Cross-cultural psychology; acculturation psychology; cross-cultural research methods
Cigdem Bozdag Kadir Has University, Turkey Social media in diaspora communication; transcultural communication
Katja Hanke GESIS Mannheim, Germany Germany Cross-cultural psychology; Acculturation psychology; cross-cultural research methods
Matthias Hofer Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, University of Zürich, Switzerland Media consumption and effects; entertainment and emotion; structural equation and invariance techniques
Jinhee Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea Cultural difference in media consumption and effects; cultural difference in entertainment and emotion; online political expression
Katharina Knop-Hülß Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media, Germany Media consumption and effects; morality; social identity
Alexandra Mittelstädt Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Germany Social media use and social integration; media use of ethnic minorities
Özen Odag Touro College Berlin, Germany Media use and cultural identity; cross-cultural comparisons; mixed methods
Mary Beth Oliver Penn State College of Communications, USA Media consumption and effects; entertainment and emotion; media and social cognition
Rosemary Pennington Miami University, USA Social media and cultural identity; social media and community-building; representation of Muslims in the media
Carola Richter Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany Media systems; media, migration, and conflict; communication cultures in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa
Diana Rieger University of Mannheim, Germany Media consumption and effects; entertainment and emotion; cultural difference in media uses and effects; effects of internet propaganda and extremism
Frank Schneider University of Mannheim, Germany Media consumption and effects; entertainment and emotion; political media information processing; research methods
Kevin Smets Frije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium Media consumption and reception in diaspora communities; media, migration, and conflict; media use and governance among Syrian refugees
Audris Umel Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, Germany Social media consumption; social representations of migration; (Filipino) social identities