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Scholarship Opportunity for German-speaking Students


Please be informed about the following scholarship opportunity for German-speaking students: Mit der Böckler-Aktion-Bildung vergibt die Hans-Böckler-Stiftung Stipendien an junge Menschen, die sich ein Studium anders nicht leisten könnten. Wichtig ist uns dabei, dass die Bewerberinnen und Bewerber  nicht nur gute schulische Leistungen erbracht haben, sondern sich während ihrer Schulzeit bereits ehrenamtlich engagiert haben und [...]

TCB Mitteilungsblatt-Bulletin 01-2017


This year's first Mitteilungsblatt/Bulletin (01/2017) includes: 1. The constitution of Touro College Berlin (Grundordnung des Touro College Berlin) 2. The latest study and examination regulations for Undergraduate Program Psychology (Studien-, Prüfungs- und Zulassungsordnung = SPZO Psychologie) 3. The latest study and examination regulations for Undergraduate Program Management (SPZO Management) Mitteilungsblatt/Bulletin (01/2017) (updated March 13, 2017)

The real meaning of the Wannsee Conference – a Lecture by Prof. Dr. Klein


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, Professor Peter Klein, Dean of the M.A. program in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance at Touro College Berlin, presented a public lecture on the controversies and interpretations of the event in its historical context. More than forty listeners – Touro students, professors and guests [...]

Dr. Stephan Lehnstaedt launches new book


Prof. Stephan Lehnstaedt, Professor of Holocaust Communication and Jewish Studies at Touro College Berlin, published his new book on the 'Aktion Reinhardt'. During 'Aktion Reinhardt' Jews from the Ghettos in Poland were deported to the death camps Bełżec, Sobibór and Treblinka. By November 1943, nearly two million people were murdered, less than 150 people survived. [...]

Wannsee conference was not the beginning – Peter Klein in DIE ZEIT


The Wannsee Conference was not the beginning, argues Prof. Peter Klein in his article in DIE ZEIT. Peter Klein, Professor and Dean of the M.A. in Holocaust Communication and Tolerance at Touro College Berlin, published a new article in the latest edition of the German weekly DIE ZEIT (3.2017) on the impact of the Wannsee [...]

Congratulations to Anne Lepper


Touro College student receives "Outstanding Academic Award" This summer, Touro College Berlin’s M.A. “Holocaust Communication and Tolerance” student Anne Lepper submitted an excellent master’s thesis: “Rettungsversuche auf dem Höhepunkt der Vernichtung: Adolf Silberscheins RELICO und die Passvermittlungsaktion in der Schweiz 1941-1943” (“Rescue attempts at the peak of annihilation: Adolf Silberschein’s RELICO and the passport [...]

Talking business in Kreuzberg


Touro on tour - Dr Anna Klippstein and the students of her 'Principles of Management' class headed to Berlin-Kreuzberg last week to visit the strategic creative agency DAN PEARLMAN. There, the students had the chance to speak with Nicole Srock.Stanley and Kieran Stanley, the founders of the company, and had the opportunity to learn [...]

Sara Nachama’s interview in the Berliner Morgenpost on the 29th Jüdische Kulturtage


Sara Nachama’s interview in the daily newspaper "BERLINER MORGENPOST" on the 29th JÜDISCHE KULTURTAGE (Days of Jewish Culture) SHALOM BERLIN – this is the motto of this year’s Jüdische Kulturtage in Berlin. Touro College Berlin Rector and Vice President Sara Nachama has a main part in organizing this top-class cultural event. We recommend you read [...]

Johannes Tuchel’s interview in DIE ZEIT on the new right


Professor Johannes Tuchel and Robert von Steinau-Steinrück talk about how the 'new German right' is exploiting the names and the legacy of the anti-Nazi resistant movement for their very own causes in the German weekly DIE ZEIT (ZEIT Nr. 42). Read the enlightening interview on why there are flags in memory of Josef Wirmer at [...]

Distinguished guests from USA visits Touro College Berlin


On August 4th 2016, distinguished guests from USA, the Grandchild of the former owners of the House Am Rupenhorn 5, Nicole Murrey and her family, came to Touro on their trip through Germany. After being welcomed by Rector Sara Nachama the guests were treated to a tour of the campus. Sara Nachama could explain [...]