On March 5, 2019 about 80 students and guests attended a brilliant lecture and talk with Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff.

After greeting the guests the Rector of Touro College Berlin Sara Nachama introduced His Excellency, who is the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Federal Republic of Germany since 2017.

The lecture was about “Innovative Israel”.

The digital revolution is transforming many facets of our society including medicine, transport and energy, and is altering the nature of power and political leadership as nations build strength through people, dialogue and working partnerships. Israel demonstrates this change quite well, with necessity being the mother of invention .H.E. Jeremy Issacharoff touched on the security issues in the Middle East and Europe in addition to Israel`s pioneering digital role.

At the reception which took place after the lecture, there were vivid discussions among the students and guests.

We want to thank H. E. Jeremy Issacharoff for his visit – the lecture was definitely one of the highlights of Touro College Berlin’s Spring Semester 2019