Touro College Berlin offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Management, Psychology, Cybersecurity, MBA and Holocaust studies – all accredited in the United States. Our small community boasts of a genuinely diverse international faculty and student body. We believe in an education based on small classes and great discussions, and notably, we conduct all teaching in English apart from our MA program in Holocaust Communication & Tolerance.


Touro College Berlin offers undergraduate degrees in Business Management, Psychology and Cybersecurity. The program in Business Management provides a broad understanding of core business principles with the option to choose a concentration in the following areas: Marketing, Management, Finance or Managerial Economics. The comprehensive bachelor’s program in Psychology provides education on several aspects of psychology including social, abnormal, cross-cultural, and industrial.

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The degrees will provide students with a solid foundation for future study or to advance into a career in the field. 

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Touro Collge Berlin offers graduate degrees in Holocaust communication and tolerance as well as business administration (MBA). The unique research-based program in Holocaust communication and tolerance allows students with an interest in the Holocaust and Jewish studies to acquire further knowledge on the subject. The MBA program aims to provide students with a concrete foundation of essential business theories and real-world management skills. Graduates will form the expertise needed to pursue a career in strategic planning, finance, sales, or marketing. Through this varied program, students will gain the opportunity to develop global perspectives on team management and core concepts of international business.

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Summer School

Touro College Berlin offers various courses from its degree programs in summer, which are open for regular students and summer students.

  • BA Psychology

  • BA & BSc Business Management

  • MA Holocaust Communication and Tolerance

  • MBA

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Danny G.:

“Unlike my studies at school, we focused on all aspects of the perpetrators. We examined the roles of Jewish and German citizens during the war. It was interesting to note that in Germany, all students are required to learn about the Holocaust in depth in an effort to make sure that no one forgets the atrocities that occurred and that the mistakes of the past are never repeated. A major topic of discussion throughout the program was the sense of “Holocaust fatigue” prevalent in Germany. The strong, constant emphasis on Holocaust studies seems to have diffused the emotional impact of the Holocaust. I would encourage everyone to participate in a study-abroad program. This specific program was designed so that we were not treated as tourists, we lived the lives of typical Berliners. We traveled to Touro on the U-Bahn (subway) and Metro (bus) daily, which gave us a taste of how residents in Berlin go about their day-to-day lives. We learned so much, met many new people, steeped ourselves in the historic past and were exposed to a new culture – all while having a great time.”

David K.:

“Touro College Berlin offers a professional, academically challenging environment for the mind while nurturing the soul through stimulating classes, caring instructors, and amazing friendships. Faculty and staff can always be approached and classes are outstanding. The college provides a unique chance to experience the diverse cultural business world on an intimate level.”

Nadra M.:

“Touro is a place where there is an aura of camaraderie, joy, success, and intellectual pursuit. It is a place where career goals become clearer and more defined. I feel inspired to do great things here. If you want a big school, then Touro might not be the place for you. But who wants a big school when you can get to know all your lecturers and meet a lot of familiar people every time you walk around campus? The community, academics, social life, and everything else here is a worthwhile experience.”